Patricia Patterson
What happens when you have calendars in your handbag, on a cork board above your computer, the cell phone announces the day and time, and you still cannot keep up with the day or time. Time is no problem as when it gets dark, the bed and dreams call to me.
Here it is the end of May and Memorial Day Weekend. Picnics, jazz festivals, and the 100th Indy Race. There is so much to do and usually takes a flip of the coin or maybe two flips. This time of year is for sitting on the patio at your favorite restaurant, enjoying the fellowship of friends, listening to live bands play and singers sing, and relaxing. You can even bring along fluffy or Fido. No kidding,. Read where they are trying out 'cat cafes.' No, they stay on the floor, but do bring a bit of laughs from the customers.

I keep forgetting about school being out as the number of kids increased at malls and other places over night. This means summer vacation is upon us. No, I'm staying close to home. The places I'd love to see and visit are not in my pocketbook at the present. Besides, the travel end of hurry up and wait are not my idea of a pleasant trip.

Just let me go down to Piedmont Park and relax along with all the other "spread your blanket" visitors. Dogs and their owners get into Frisbee games, parents with young children are running behind strollers. Kids enjoying and parents getting their exercise.
Now, to let you all see what a great time our SilverSneakers Group had at our Spring Fling, We had to wait until May 4, to have out patio outing at the 587th Fighters Group Patio. The Georgia liquid sunshine would not stop. Lucked out and had a beautiful blue-sky day.

We celebrated birthdays and Wedding Anniversaries from the 53rd year and then the next week we had another couple at their 63rd Wedding Anniversary. We may wear Silver Sneakers, but we are a group envied by a lot of other people. The motto of SilverSneakers is the 3-F's.....Friends, Fun, Fitness.
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